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Furthermore, exactly what are the manner of setting-up these website links and you will relationship?

Antique Africans answer these soul beings predicated on its place off ladder, power, influence and you can character. Spiritual philosophy, points, strategies, morality and integrity try accorded every single spirit in proportion regarding his reputation from authority, power, influence, territoriality and validity. Hence, when you look at the traditional spiritual worldview, soul beings try rated. This has higher outcomes for the conventional conception away from morality and you may stability (Ikenga-Metuh, -259).

It theological design during the antique religions possess a beneficial determine abreast of exactly how antique Africans establish new character and you will intent behind brand new Best Are, lower beings, divinities and you may forefathers when you look at the an enthusiastic African people.

Faith carry out beget relevant religious methods and you can religious conduct. The 5 inter-related and integrated religious beliefs examined in the previous parts enjoys built brand new theological basis of your own conventional spiritual system.

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